On-Line Proceedings

MIUA 2011 On-Line Proceedings


Message from the chairs

MRI and Statistics in Imagng

Fast brain-wide search of highly discriminating regions in medical images

Flexibily Estimating the diffusion orientation distribution function from HARDI data

Hierarchy in structural brain networks

Computer Adided Radiology and Shape Analysis

Modelling breast tissue in mammograms for mammographic risk assessment

Global analysis of haustral fold ridges for the reduction of false positives in CTC-CAD

Point placement error in shape models

Diffeomorphic atlas estimator using Karcher mean and geodesic shooting on volumetric images

Poster Session 1

Measurement-based shape analysis

Short-term variability of proximal femur shape in anteroposterior pelvic radiographs

An asymmetry descriptor for melanoma diagnosis

Detection of skin main layers in OCT skin images

Residual bootstrapping on classified tensor morphologies using constrained two-tensor model

A Bayesian framework for modelling the regional variation of white matter microstructure

Registration of low-SNR, high resolution diffusion-weighted images

Automatic segmentation of basal ganglia iron deposits from structural MRI

Brain extraction methods for neonates

Flythrough data exploration using multi-level classification driven focus and context

3D medical image enhancement based on wavelet transforms

An on-line chromatic and scale-space microvasculature-tracing analysis for transmitted light optical images

Context aware colour classification in digital microscopy

Fast non-rigid medical image registration using a parameterized surface and anatomical landmarks

Non-twist regularization for deformation estimation

Probabilistic segmentation propagation from uncertainty in registration

Registration of multi-view 3D echo-cardiography images

Motion Modelliing and Image Guided Surgery

Capturing breathing motion variability using two signal motion models of the heart

Deformable shape-from-motion in laparoscopy using a rigid sliding window

Registration of a 3D preoperative model with 2D endoscopic images using parallel tracking and mapping (ptam) with colur consistency

Image Registration 1

Non-rigid image registration through efficient discrete optimization

Direct inverse deformation field approach to pelvic-area symmetric image registration

Image Registration 2

A four-dimensional atlas of neonatal brain MRI

Atlas-guided histology reconstruction of mouse brain

Point based registration of high-resoution histological slices

Poster Session 2

Quantitative localisation of manually defined landmarks

Template-based conformal shape-from-motion from registered laparoscopic images

Localisation and characterisation of focal liver lesions using contrast-enhanced ultrasonographic visual cues

Context-based classification of cell nuclei and tissue regions in liver histopathology

Comparison of least squares and maximum likelihood for apparent diffusion coefficient estimation in prostate DW-MRI

Probabilistic clustering of white matter fibre bundles using regression mixtures

Computer aided monitoring of breast abnormalities in X-ray mammograms

Evaluation of texton spatial dependence matrices for breast density classification

Texture analysis of virtual slides for grading dysplasia in Barretts oesophagus

Measurement of aortic pressure wave velocity by 4D image registration

Fully-automatic determination of the arterial input function for dynamic contrast-enhanced pulmonary MR imaging

Evaluation of a framework for on-line interactive segmentation of similar 3-D images based on a single example

Spatio-temporal registration and microvasculature segmentation of retinal angiogram sequences

Automated segmentation of coronary vessel wall in OCT imaging

Regional analysis of FDG-PET for the classification of Alzheimer's disease

T2 anisotropy in articular cartilage - a model based approach

Drusen detection based on scale-space with feature stability

Segmentation and Classification1

Automatic segmentation of IVUS media-adventitia border withe shape prior

Local phase-based fuzzy connectedness segmentation of ultrasound images

Optimising multi-featute metric for histology image retrieval

Segmentation and Classification 2

Automatic corneal nerve fibre detection for diabetic neuropathy quantification

Adapted MRF segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions using local contextual information

Manifold-based classification incorporating subject metadata